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October 16 2017

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October 14 2017


when you’re waiting in a slow line and the person ahead of you has had enough and decides to leave the line and go to another but then the line moves faster when they leave and you make it to the register before them





god i love the celestial seasonings sleepytime tea bear so fucking much

i would die for her

i changed my icon to her out of respect

October 13 2017

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Look at the difference in Toriyama’s art style from the volume when Vegeta first enters and the last volume of the series.


Clip your dead ends for growth and l’m not just talking about hair.



uwahh…!!! *magical girl transformation but instead i turn into a dead body*

this is the anime version of this dril tweet


i have like 1 good angle i’m honestly terrified of what people see in person when i’m 3 dimensional and can’t control which side they see me from like…. i don’t know her but i’m sure she ain’t cute


someone being excited about you is a good feeling

I'm Thinking About Him.............Are U ?


brain: do you have your wallet?

me: *slaps my ass so hard everyone in the target can hear it*

me: yeah


Sitting on the toilet with the front facing camera open and not taking pictures just looking and thinking

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The main reason y'all are single is because you keep inventing arcane categories of girlfriends somebody’s always logging in and making a post like “where’s my protestant emo gf who loves dove-hunting and manual labor!!” like either move to Minnesota and find her or take it down a notch


when you open the free lootbox at the beginning of the halloween event and you don’t immediately unlock every new legendary skin

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that look you give your friend when they are deciding whose star to steal in mario party


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